The Starving Artists Collective: Catherine Clarke, Jess Dobkin, Stephanie Springgay
Volunteer and Soup Kitchen Coordinator: Karen Frostitution
Program Assistant: Arden Hagedorn
Technician: Charissa Wilcox
Photographer: Julie Smitka
Card Design: Zab Design
Web: Jayme L. Spinks

More than 50 volunteers assisted with kitchen prep, cooking, serving, dish washing, set-up and clean up.
The Artists’ Soup Kitchen would not have been possible without their fantastic work and energy.

Special thanks to:
The Raging Spoon, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, and Toronto Arts Council.

Thanks to Pizza Nova for providing a donation of dough for our Soup Kitchen on January 16th.

Some of the volunteers from the February 6 Soup Kitchen posing outside of the Raging Spoon.